Online Services

The Web

Evided offers a wide variety of online solutions for everyone, whether you are an individual or a large company Evided will find the right online solution for you.

Our aim is to facilitate and research whatever it is that you require from the internet. If you need to find answers, services, products or a solid online presence, Evided will ensure that your online experience is satisfactory and as easy as humanly possible instead of a headache.

Let us surf the web so you don’t have to!

How It Works


Let’s say you are looking for a service or a product or anything that it is not exactly the most popular or it is difficult to find in South Africa, well this is where we are handy to have around, Evided will surf the web and find that slippery service, product or item so you don’t have to spend hours in front of your computer in search for it and this is only but a fraction of what Evided can do for you.

We will find private investigators, crypto currency information, specific maintenance services, rare pet breeders and also that intriguing item you saw in a movie, series or anywhere. 

Online Prescence

If you are looking for a website, SEO services, social media marketing, online shop or any other online prescence, Evided will find the best options available online, we will research and corroborate the quality of each and every service so you do not get dissapointed with the end results and have to patch or start all over again. 

Now a days there are many, many companies and individuals offering online services like the ones mentioned above and there are but a few ways to verify their legitimacy and quality so we will take all necessary precautions and measures so you don’t get disappointed.


Evided is not a platform where you post and / or request services and many different individuals or companies will contact you so you can decide who to hire, instead Evided is a very personalized service tailored for each of our clients. An application will have to be submitted requesting the kind of online service required and you will receive up to three personal quotation, timeframe and expectations for that specific service. Please note that not all applications are successful, and we do not offer any guarantee that your request will be processed until you receive a confirmation on that application.

Evided will research and verify every selected company, services and / or products are of the higher standards.